IENA Board Biographies

Rayanne Lilley, RN

Rayanne serves as IENA President; she is a former Director-at-Large.


Raya joined the IENA Board of Directors as a Director-at-Large in 2016. She began her term as president in November 2018.


She earned her baccalaureate degree from WSU College of Nursing in Spokane and has her CCRN certification. She is currently an Endoscopy/Infusion staff nurse at Sacred Heart Medical Center and also works as a Nurse Educator with Ashfield Healthcare.

A strong believer in service to others, Raya's philosophy is that the greatest impact we can have on the course of our lives is being actively involved at the local level. She believes IENA provides an avenue for her to contribute to the advancement of our local nursing community and the nursing profession overall.


Rayanne Lilley, RN

Rayanne is President for IENA.

She is currently a CICU staff nurse at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

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