IENA Board Biographies

Lori A. Bailey, RN-BC, PhD, CCRN, CNE, Asst. Professor

Lori is a former President-elect and President. Formerly known as Lori Brown.

Lori took the scenic route to her nursing career. During her four years in the US Air Force working on special operations aircraft imaging systems, she was tasked with developing and delivering military first aid courses. While initially she was "voluntold," she found that she genuinely enjoyed the small peak at what medical folks did and truly enjoyed teaching. Lori started working toward a nursing degree and has never looked back. In 1997, she graduated with her ADN from Pensacola Jr. College (Pensacola, FL), and in 2000 earned her BSN from the University of South Alabama. Lori started working in critical care and still absolutely loves the autonomy and challenge of critical care nursing.


After finishing her BSN, she found that she wanted to know more and wanted more of the teaching experience she had in the USAF. Lori returned to the University of South Alabama and completed her Masters in nursing education in 2002. She dabbled in staff education for awhile but was convinced by a friend to try her hand at undergraduate nursing education. Lori began teaching at the University of Alaska Anchorage in 2005. After completing her PhD in Nursing Education from the University of Northern Colorado in 2011, Lori moved to the Spokane area in 2008 and again in 2012 (husband's military career moved them around a bit). Lori now teaches at Washington State University in the undergraduate program. She believes that she is one of the lucky few in this life who get to "have their cake and eat it, too" in terms of her career: "I get to be a nurse and I get to help prepare the nurses who will take my place."


Courses Lori took in her PhD program stirred up a passion for getting nurses engaged in political advocacy. She believes that nurses must be involved in determining the path that health care takes. If the combined voices of 3,000,000 nurses were raised in unison, they would be heard across the political spectrum. "The first step is believing in the worth and dignity of the folks who need us to step up! The next is to participate and speak your truth!"


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Lori formerly served as President for IENA.

She served in the US Air Force.

Lori has a PhD in Nursing Education from the University of Northern Colorado.

She teaches at Washington State University in the undergraduate program.

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