IENA Board Biographies

Bobbi Woodward, RN, BSN

Bobbi was Secretary for IENA (2011-12), President (2013-14), and formerly served as Independent Practice Director and on the Nominating Committee.

From Bobbi:

Hello! I have been a Registered Nurse for three years now, graduating in December 2008 from Spokane Community College. I then attended Washington State University in 2009 to complete my undergraduate degree while working FT in a skilled setting. After that, I began working per diem at various rural hospitals as well as in a variety of settings on a temporary/as needed basis. Some of my specialized experience includes adolescent psychiatric, forensic, and ambulatory care. I also enjoy travel nursing, when time allows for the extended commitment, and value the exposure I gain at the med-surgical level when rotating through the hospital specialties.

I am currently enrolled in the NP program at WSU, where I attend full-time. I enjoy taking part in community events, especially with regards to policy and initiatives at the state level, and the political process that shapes our legislative system. I am a strong advocate for patient autonomy and feel our clients should have as much knowledge about their health and wellness options that enable them to make the best choices in their healthcare decisions. I also love my fellow nurses and value what we do every day, in all different settings. With my experience, I hope to be a strong advocate at the state level, urging support by advocating for programs that facilitate safe workplaces, wages that correlate to the skill and expertise required in certain specialties, support and awareness of programs that help those in need, increased autonomy legislation for nurses and specialized nurses within state regulatory boards, and providing continuing educational opportunities available.

I look forward to serving the greater Spokane community Nurses and nurse affiliates by utilizing IENA's goals, mission statement, and guiding principles to direct my position on the IENA Board.


Bobbi Woodward

Bobbi is the former Independent Practice Director of IENA.

She is a graduate of Spokane Community College.

Bobbi's experience includes adolescent psychiatric, forensic and ambulatory care.

She is currently enrolled in the NP program at Washington State University.

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