IENA Board Biographies


Kathleen Brown

Kathleen formerly served IENA as Vice-President. Read more >


Lori Bailey

Lori serves IENA as President; she currently served as President-elect. Read more >

Robin Knaff Baker

Robin serves IENA as Director-at-Large. Read more >

Teresa Bigand

Teresa serves IENA as Nurse Education Director. Read more >


Ruth Bryant

Ruth formerly served IENA as a Director-at-Large. Read more >

Blythe Buchan

Blythe serves IENA as a Director-at-Large. Read more >

Wendy Buenzli

Wendy formerly served IENA as Education Rep and Secretary. Read more >


Francesca Castillo

Fran served IENA as a Director-at-Large; she is currently Vice-President. Read more >


Becky Clark

Becky is a former IENA Treasurer. Read more >


Christina Duncan

Christina is a former IENA as a Director-at-Large. Read more >

Tiffany Gerbing

Tiffany serves IENA as a Director-at-Large. Read more >

Susan K. Glass

Sue serves IENA as Treasurer. Read more >

Louanne Hausmann

Louanne formerly served IENA Board as a Director-at-Large, Secretary, President and Vice-President. Read more >


Vivian Hill

Vivian is a former IENA President and Director-at-Large. Read more >


JoAnn Kaiser

JoAnn is IENA's Administrative Secretary. Read more >


Rayanne Lilley

Rayanne serves IENA as President-elect. Read more >

Rhonda Shrivastava

Rhonda formerly served IENA as a Director-at-Large. Read more >


Michele Slider

Michele formerly served on the Nominating Committee and is past IENA President. Read more >


Peggy Slider

Peggy formerly served as IENA's Community/Public Health Director and the Nominating Committee. Read more >


Lynette Vehrs

Lynnette formerly served IENA as President. Read more >


Nicole Weiss

Nicole formerly served as IENA Secretary, Nurse Education Director and Scholarship Committee Chair. Read more >


Bobbi Woodward

Bobbi formerly served as IENA's Independent Practice Rep. Read more >


Libby Zadra

Libby is IENA's Past President and former General Duty Rep. Read more >