IENA Newsletter December 2011

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Message from the President


My fellow colleagues and IENA members,

Louanne E. Hausmann

As the new IENA president, I welcome everyone back after our fairly short summer and beautiful fall. It was nice while it lasted. As the holidays rapidly approach and the days are becoming shorter, it seems we have less time to get things done. We hope you will take some precious time from your busy schedules to attend upcoming events sponsored by your professional organization discussed in this newsletter.


IENA elections were held in July for the Board of Directors (BOD), with new terms starting in November. I was elected to serve as President, and Vivian Hill is our President-elect. The Board also welcomes two new faces, Camille Sturdivant-Daly as Director-at-Large and Rachel Inman as General Duty Representative. Thanks to both Camille and Rachel for volunteering to serve the nurses in our community!


The positions below are currently open:

  • Board Secretary

  • Director-at-Large

  • Independent Practice Rep (CRNA, ARNP, etc)

  • Nursing Management Rep (Administration)

Your professional experience is invaluable in promoting the nursing profession and advocating for health and safety in our community. If you or anyone you know is interested in serving on the IENA BOD, please contact Administrative Secretary JoAnn Kaiser at There are immeasurable benefits to serving on our BOD!


Fall activities began on October 4 with our Annual Legislative Reception. The reception was held in the Skyline Ballroom at the Red Lion Hotel at the Park and was well attended by legislators and candidates who appreciated the opportunity for face time with their nurse constituents. Likewise, this event provided a wonderful opportunity to network and voice nursing perspectives to legislators and candidates. Three of our BOD members met with WSNA staffers and Senator Lisa Brown (Dist 3) and discussed critical issues such as the lack of mental health beds and resources in the Inland Empire and the absolute need for increasing nursing instructor salaries. The reception was again cosponsored by the Washington Association of Nurse Anesthetists and the Nurse Practitioners Group of Spokane. What a team we make! Since this is an annual event, mark your calendar now for October 2012.


For other upcoming events in 2012, please see the Dates of Interest section of the newsletter.


WSNA Activities: WSNA has been very active this year, and it has been a privilege to attend some of their events. The Biennial Convention was held in April - what an exceptional event!! Several classes on "Social Media" were presented the day before the convention began, and it was a real eye opener. Nursing personnel can inadvertently get into trouble by "innocent" postings on Facebook, Twitter, and even their own cell phones. The best way to put it: "If you do not want the information on the front page of the New York Times or have to explain it to your mother, don’t put it into cyberspace." During the convention, there were many opportunities to network with colleagues from all over the state and from diverse backgrounds and work areas. Just imagine actually having input into resolutions and having your voice heard - that is just what occurred! Freedom of speech is such a powerful tool. Keep your calendar open for spring 2013, when the next convention is planned, and you do not need to be a BOD member to attend.


WSNA presented a free continuing education event on October 25th at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane. Topics included the Culture of Safety, again correlating with social media issues. A presentation on "Licensing Issues" was given by a member of the Washington State Board of Nursing. Both topics were timely and educational, and considering a 5-star meal was included - what more could we ask for?


I attended the WSNA Provider Unit Update on November 11th in Seattle. The keynote speaker was Zandra Ohri from the Ohio Nurses Association. We learned more about the CEARP process as it relates to Provider Units, Faculty Directed Programs, and Independent Study – such a wonderful educational opportunity. I met nurses from such diverse backgrounds and networked with a nurse from Sacred Heart Medical Center and one from Kootenai Medical Center. Since it was Veterans Day, all veterans in the room were asked to stand and were honored with an ovation. As a veteran myself, it warmed my heart to be included in such an auspicious group!


Again, welcome to another exciting and eventful year from your Inland Empire Nurses Association!


Louanne E. Hausmann, RN, ADN, BSN, MA

IENA President


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Submitted by Louanne Hausmann, RN, ADN, BSN, MA; President


From my personal perspective as the only Veterans Affairs board member, the biggest benefit of serving on the IENA Board of Directors is the networking opportunities. Not only networking with our exemplary board members, with the wonderful nurses and staffers at WSNA, and the outstanding nurses who perform the arduous tasks of patient care in so many diverse areas in the Inland Empire! This has opened my eyes to a whole new world of the nursing profession. I never fail to leave any meeting, whether at IENA or WSNA, without receiving a "shot in the arm" to do more for nurses in the Inland Empire. The friendships I have also developed give me strength, and I know I am supported in whatever endeavor I pursue.


As a member of the board, you have a voice in directing the path this association will travel. You have a voice in promoting our chosen profession. We firmly believe that there are "no dumb questions or suggestions" because everything is an opportunity to improve ourselves, our local association, our state association, and the profession as a whole.


I wholeheartedly invite anyone who in interested to join the board. Contact and request a "Consent to Serve" form. You will never regret your decision.


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Outstanding nurses in our community are recognized with awards presented at the Annual Spring Gala on May 8, 2012. If you know of an exceptional nurse who deserves our recognition for one of the awards listed below, please nominate them for an award. For more information and the nomination form, go to the IENA Awards page.


Please Note: The deadline for award nominations is March 1, 2012.


Lifetime Achievement Award

The purpose of this award is to honor an IENA member for a lifetime of exemplary dedication and service to nursing and/or outstanding contribution to nursing.


Excellent in Nursing Leadership Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize an IENA member for outstanding achievement and contributions to the:

  • Professional association

  • Profession

  • Health care system

  • Community

Excellence in Nursing Practice Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize an IENA member for his/her excellence in nursing practice. Any area of nursing practice may be submitted such as:

  • Hospital

  • Community

  • Consultants

  • Mental health

  • Home health care

  • School

  • Public health

  • Long-term care

  • Education

  • Other

  • Office

  • Midwife

  • Independent practice

  • Nurse anesthetist

  • Nurse lawyer

  • Military

Excellence in Research Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize an IENA member for outstanding achievement and contribution in furthering nursing research by having:

  • Communicated own research findings

  • Promoted and facilitated research in less experienced individuals

If you have any questions, please contact Awards Committee Chair Lynnette Vehrs at


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Believe it or not, being on the IENA Board of Directors (BOD) does not always keep us busy enough. Some of the BOD have gone to WSNA for even more exciting challenges. IENA Board members who hold positions at WSNA are listed below:

Louanne E. Hausmann, RN, ADN, BSN, MA; IENA President

Member, WSNA Professional Nursing and Health Care Council

Member, WSNA CEARP Review Committee


Peggy Slider, RN, MS; IENA Vice President

Member, WSNA Cabinet on Economic & General Welfare

Member, WSNA Committee for Emergency Response & Duty to Respond


Kim Ward, RN; IENA Director-at-Large

Member, WSNA Professional Nursing & Health Care Council


Danielle Feist, RN; IENA Director-at-Large

Member, WSNA Nominating Committee


Lynnette Vehrs, MN, RN; IENA Education Representative

Member, WSNA Legislative & Health Policy Council

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Consistent with the goals of supporting nursing education in District 4, IENA is now accepting scholarship applications from registered nurses who are ADN, BSN, MSN or PhD candidates or applying for RN specialty certification. Scholarships will be presented at the Annual Spring Gala on May 8, 2012, at the Red Lion Hotel at the Park.




Criteria for RN Applicants

  1. Hold a current, unrestricted Registered Nurse license.

  2. Member of WSNA/IENA in good standing.

  3. Has successfully completed at least one semester in an accredited BSN, MSN, or PhD program.

  4. Currently carrying a minimum GPA of 3.0 in current nursing program.

  5. If applying for specialty certification, items 2 and 3 above do not apply.

  6. Demonstrated commitment to nursing as a profession as evidenced in applicant's Goal Statement and in letters of recommendation.

  7. Financial need may be considered, though is not a primary criterion.

Criteria for Basic Degree Applicants

  1. Has successfully completed at least one semester in an accredited ADN or BSN program.

  2. Currently carrying a minimum GPA of 3.0 in current nursing program.

  3. Demonstrated commitment to nursing as a profession as evidenced in applicant's Goal Statement and in letters of recommendation.

  4. Financial need may be considered, though is not a primary criterion.


Submit a typed and completed application form before March 1, 2012, to the address listed below:

Scholarship Committee

Inland Empire Nurses Association

222 W Mission, Suite 231

Spokane, WA 99201

Alternatively, it may be submitted electronically by emailing it to the District office at


In addition, please provide the following:

  1. Arrange for two typed letters of recommendation. The letters of should address the student's work ethic and commitment to nursing as a profession. A current faculty member from the student's school of nursing should write at least one letter. A faculty member or another professional colleague should write the other letter.

  2. Submit a copy of the most current grade report including cumulative GPA.

  3. A Curriculum Vitae may be submitted in place of the academic education and professional experience sections of the Scholarship Application Form.

The application form and other required criteria should be received in the IENA office no later than March 1, 2012.


For a Scholarship Application and Flyer, click here (PDF, 36 KB).


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In this Issue:

Message from the President

Dates of Interest

Board Member Benefits


IENA Award Nominations

Scholarship Opportunity/Cert Review

New IENA Members

WSNA & Your Board

Needs Assessment

IENA Scholarships

IENA Information


2011-2012 Board of Directors:






January 9: IENA LUC Dinner on Us

Jan 12: WSNA Legislator Advocacy Camp

February 13: Nurse Legislative Day

March 6: IENA CE Dinner/Event

March 12-13: Inland Northwest AACN

April 13-15: WANA Anesthesia Conference

April 23: Inland NW Trauma Conference

May 8: IENA Spring Gala




"Creating a Culture of Safety"


On October 25, 2011, WSNA held a 3 CE event at the Davenport Hotel on "Creating a Culture of Safety." The speakers were Sally Watkins, PhD, RN, Assistant Executive Director Nursing Practice, Education & Research for WSNA and Paula Meyer, MSN, RN, Executive Director for the Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission.


Sally defined a culture of safety, nurses as second victims, and what to do when something happens.


Error Disclosure, WSNA Actions & What You Can Do. Sally did her usual outstanding job addressing these issues. Attendees were given a folder including handouts on Medical Errors & Patient Safety, ANA Position Statement on Just Culture, Can your Nurses stop a Surgeon? Case study from Sentara Health care: Making Patient Safety an Enduring Organizational Value, Your Nurse Practice Act and the Disciplinary Process—a handbook for nurses, 2nd edition. A full page of selected resources and links on patient safety and just culture was also included.


Role of the Nursing Commission was the topic presented by Paula. She reviewed how a complaint is handled, with an introduction to the disciplinary process. Discipline numbers from 7/1/10-6/30/11 at the different levels from early remediation program to permanent revocation were reviewed. Included in her handouts were WAC’s on mandatory reporting and violations of standards of nursing conduct or practice. RCW—unprofessional conduct. Paula answered questions from the small group of attendees.


Sally concluded with how to protect your self during a NCQAC investigation. The information included in this event could have easily filled an eight-hour day. It was very impressive what they were able to cover in three hours.


Attendance was minimal compared to previous events. Members at my table felt that 13 days notice was not enough, and we were disappointed that two of the four speakers did not present in Spokane. This event is being presented in Vancouver 3/14/2012 and Skagit Valley Casino 4/25/12. We requested that it be offered again in Spokane with at least two months notice and include all four speakers. WSNA is providing some outstanding workshops that would benefit all nurses in the Spokane area.


Vivian Hill, RN, CNOR

IENA Director-at-Large


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Scholarship Opportunity for Certification Review Class, Exam or Recertification Exam


The Inland Empire Nurses Association (IENA) is pleased to offer scholarship opportunities for members completing a certification review class, certification exam, or recertification exam. A maximum scholarship amount of $200.00 is available throughout the year while funding allows. It is available to all WSNA members with proof of completion of a certification review class, certification exam, or recertification exam, and a copy of your receipt for completing this certification.


To apply, click here.


Scholarships were given recently to the following individuals:


Lisa Mironuck, RN CPN Certification

Michelle Zielke, RN CEN certification

Marsha Davis, RN CEN recertification

Dianne Davis, RN CCRN certification

Beth Garrett, RN CCRN certification


Providing for the Continuing Professional Development of Nurses


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Welcome new members!


Click here for the new IENA Members list.


We hope that some of our newest members will join us in promoting IENA by becoming Committee and/or Board members in the future.


We encourage all members to visit our official website for more information on becoming involved in the association and for current events planned by IENA.


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Your input is important! In order to better serve your continuing education needs, IENA would like to know what topics would be of most interest to you.


Select a document from the list below to complete our short questionnaire.


Needs Assessment (Word, 45 KB)

Needs Assessment (PDF, 21 KB)


Please return the survey to:


Thank you.


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The Inland Empire Nurses Association is District 4 of the Washington State Nurses Association. For information on membership Registered Nurses should call WSNA at 1-800-231-8482 or the IENA office at (509) 328-8288 or e-mail


The Inland Empire Nurses Association Office is located at 222 W. Mission Ste. 231 in the Garden Court Building. Please call 509-328-8288 before visiting to ensure a staff member is on hand to greet you.


Tax-free contribution or memorial remembrances in the name of a loved one may be mailed to: Inland Empire Nurses Association, 222 W. Mission, STE 231, Spokane, WA 99201.


The Association News is published quarterly by the Inland Empire Nurses Association, 222 W. Mission, Box 231, Spokane, WA 99201, a non-profit organization. Information on advertising rates may be obtained by calling 509-328-8288.


If you are interested in serving on a Association committee please call the office at 509-328-8288.


Committees: Scholarship, Awards, Legislative Reception, Yearly Nurse Celebration Event, Education, Finance, and Nominations. Most of the committees have a limited involvement of time.


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